Thursday, 23 December 2010

It's Chrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiisssssssstmaaaaaaaaasssssssss! (Well, almost)

Greetings once again

Haven't done a blog for a while. I won't update my sitcom on this one (please read previous posts and let me know what you think) but I will just sit here and see what comes out. Insert own joke here!

I'm actually feeling pretty festive at the moment. For those of you who have known me for some time this will probably come as a bit of a shock as I've always been a bit of a humbugger (is that a word? Should I be calling myself something with the word, bugger, in the title?) but times change and this is a christmas of firsts and lasts. It's the first in our new, wonderful house which, despite being desperatly cold thanks to the high ceilings, we wouldn't change for the world. Shells especially excited as it's always been a wish of hers to have a huge christmas tree in the bay window and this her, her wish has come true! All 8ft of it! It looks great, despite the fun and games we had trying to get it up and the frightful strop that yours truly threw when it stay in place! It's also the last christmas that we'll be spending together as a couple as this time next year, fingers crossed, touch wood etc, we'll have a new edition to the family! This is the last time we'll have time just for each other as from now on, it'll all revolve around him or her. He/she has been spoilt rotten already and it's only going to get worse as they grow up so we're making the most of the peace and quiet while we can. I for one can't wait!


So this is christmas, and what have you done?
Watched the Two Ronnies and insulted you Mom
The turkey is burning, the sprouts are hard boiled
The crackers are useless and the puddings been spoiled

A very crappy christmas and a rotten new year
It can only get better so pass me the beer

So this is christmas, over rated and dull
Nothing on telly and the wine is all mulled
The familes are rowing, a fist is being thrown
The season of goodwill and crap paper crowns

A very crappy christmas, A+E's here
Stuff all your good will, until this time next year

Merry Christmas everybody!

Hope you get what you all want xx

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